The Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations

In this blog, IDDRI experts analyze key events and news based on their research work, which is available on IDDRI’s website.

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China’s G20 Emergence(y)?

September 13, 2016

The sustainable development agenda for the next decade and a half has been clearly outlined by the Paris Agreement and the SDGs: a transformation towards more sustainable and fairer economies. The Chinese G20 Presidency has helped to put sustainable development more firmly at the top of global governance but the route towards more concrete action […]

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How much does basic service provision really cost?

September 9, 2016

Three case studies coordinated by IDDRI and IRD have analysed the distribution of the costs of water services and revealed unknown determinants: local governance, policy choices, management efficiency and territorial anchorage in particular. Having shed light on these elements, the next step will be to conduct a systemic analysis to ensure the viability and effectiveness […]

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IUCN World Conservation Congress: Innovating for biodiversity conservation in protected areas

September 5, 2016

At the World Conservation Congress in Hawaii (United States), held from 1st to 10th September, governments and environmental organizations will gather to discuss nature conservation issues. At this event IDDRI is releasing a study on innovative schemes for helping African countries to better fund and manage their protected areas. They are innovative in that they […]

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ESD proposal for GHG mitigation in Europe: An evaluation

August 31, 2016

The European Commission published on July 20, 2016, its proposal for the so-called Effort Sharing Decision (ESD), setting national GHG mitigation targets for sectors not covered by the bloc’s emission trading scheme. It applies to roughly 60% of GHG emissions in Europe mainly from the building, transport and agriculture sectors. Just out, the current proposal is based […]

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Collaborative mobility: public authorities have a role to play!

July 29, 2016

Carpooling and car sharing among individuals are often presented as key components of sustainable mobility, especially in sparsely populated areas. While these practices have real environmental and social potential, their development for short distances faces many challenges. How can we overcome these obstacles, and what role should the public authorities have in supporting collaborative mobility […]

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