Between postponed objectives and the urgency to prepare for the future: what should be the strategy for the transition of the French electricity system?

November 17, 2017

The challenges of transforming the French electricity system attracted the media spotlight when the Government announced that it had postponed to beyond 2025 the implementation of a target to reduce the share of nuclear energy to 50%. Indeed, this decision undermines an objective enshrined in the law and increases uncertainty for operators. However, the announcement […]

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The Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations

In this blog, IDDRI experts analyze key events and news based on their research work, which is available on IDDRI’s website.

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Unsustainable Inequalities?

November 3, 2017

In a context of growing inequalities and endemic unemployment, environmental policies are often perceived as additional obstacles or even as measures detrimental to the poor. Indeed, Donald Trump recently declared that he was pulling out of the Paris Agreement on climate change precisely because he claimed that it was unfavorable to workers in the United […]

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Safeguarding the spirit of Paris: where do we stand and what is at stake at COP23?

November 2, 2017

COP23 follows another year of extreme weather events, with some impacts once again breaking historic records—massive floods in Central and South Asia, or the recent series of hurricanes in North America and the Caribbean. For the first time, an Island Nation, the Republic of Fiji, is presiding over the COP. Given the particular context coupled […]

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Agriculture at the core of the ecological transition: what changes in the sector?

October 17, 2017

Food security and nutrition, climate change, working conditions, producer and consumer health, value sharing: the European agri-food system faces some major challenges, calling into question not only its economic viability but also its environmental and social sustainability. For many stakeholders, the sector needs to change and to take a central role in the ecological and […]

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Meeting global demand for tuna while guaranteeing its sustainable management: an impossible challenge

October 13, 2017

With an annual turnover estimated at 33 billion dollars, or 24% of the value of all seafood products worldwide, the tuna industry is booming. Driven by steadily growing global demand, a full-blown “tuna rush” is underway, with many countries eager for their share of the pie. Even if this means the depletion of stocks and […]

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