The Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI) is a non-profit policy research institute based in Pariswhich objective is to foster the transition to sustainable development and prosperity for all. IDDRI helps stakeholders in deliberating on global governance of the major issues of common interest: action to attenuate climate change, to protect biodiversity, to enhance food security and to manage urbanisation. IDDRI also takes part in efforts to reframe development pathways.

IDDRI’s blog

Blog IddriClimate 365“-initially created to analyze the challenges of international climate negotiations, from Lima to the Paris Agreement in December 2015-is extended to all the IDDRI’s research programs!
After the COP21 and this positive editorial experience, IDDRI continues its work on decrypting to analyze the news in real-time.
Short articles keep analyzing climate change policies, but are also interested in other thematics worked in the different IDDRI’s research programs: biodiversity, oceans, sustainable cities, sharing economy, governance, etc.
Convinced that these research areas interact and intersect, and that the cross is a necessity.

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