Unsustainable Inequalities?

November 3, 2017

In a context of growing inequalities and endemic unemployment, environmental policies are often perceived as additional obstacles or even as measures detrimental to the poor. Indeed, Donald Trump recently declared that he was pulling out of the Paris Agreement on climate change precisely because he claimed that it was unfavorable to workers in the United […]

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French National Mobility Conference (Assises de la Mobilité) : IDDRI’s 5 recommendations

September 19, 2017

“The battle I will fight in the years ahead concerns the transport for everyday life.” At the inauguration of the new Paris-Rennes TGV line on July 1, 2017, Emmanuel Macron highlighted the will of the executive to make daily mobility a major priority of his five-year term of office. This announcement is very positive, as there […]

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Collaborative mobility: public authorities have a role to play!

July 29, 2016

Carpooling and car sharing among individuals are often presented as key components of sustainable mobility, especially in sparsely populated areas. While these practices have real environmental and social potential, their development for short distances faces many challenges. How can we overcome these obstacles, and what role should the public authorities have in supporting collaborative mobility […]

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Collaborative and digital tools to drive the ecological transition

July 7, 2016

Can public authorities use collaborative economy and digital tools to support their sustainable development policies and to enhance their public services? This was the main focus of IDDRI’s conference of June 23, 2016, entitled Sustainable Development 2.0: Can digital technologies fuel the ecological transition?, which brought together participants from different backgrounds to share their experience […]

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