Safeguarding the spirit of Paris: where do we stand and what is at stake at COP23?

November 2, 2017

COP23 follows another year of extreme weather events, with some impacts once again breaking historic records—massive floods in Central and South Asia, or the recent series of hurricanes in North America and the Caribbean. For the first time, an Island Nation, the Republic of Fiji, is presiding over the COP. Given the particular context coupled […]

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The Paris Agreement on climate: while Washington ponders withdrawal, the rest of the world remains committed to action

May 24, 2017

Since 1995, the climate negotiations have followed a set pattern: one round of talks follows another, with diplomats going back to work every session in their attempts to define, strengthen and coordinate international climate change action. Amidst uncertainty over the United States’ potential withdrawal from the Agreement and as all the latest statistics point towards […]

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